YES! Thank you for asking. A lot of "companies" out there are not. We are a legitimate company that pays sales tax, employee tax and INSURANCE. Any company that is insured can provide to you (comes directly from their insurance company not from the company you are asking to provide it) a Certificate for "Proof of Insurance". A good indicator of one of those "companies" is a VERY LOW price they are quoting.
No, we are not. We are a locally owned company. Our owner is an American Armed Forces Veteran with three Combat Tours in his 18 years of serving our Great Nation. We purchased our photo booths from a reputable company that has thousands of these units all accross the world. We are not bound by any franchise agreement and we operate solely on our own accord with the support of the manufacturer. We have an excellent support system through them and lifetime FREE upgrades on software to make sure we are offering the latest and greatest options. We are trendsetters!
Yes, we provide props to make your guests’ photo booth experience fun and entertaining! We have the largest selection of props for your guests in our operating area. We bring over 150 props to your event. These are premium props, not paper glued to a stick!
No, they are not all the same. Our photo booths are manufactured and designed to fit in to the background of your event. Ours are not an eye sore and are not a safety hazzard. Some companies have a printer that is sitting on a small table while their camera is on a tripod pointing towards a backdrop. With that kind of setup, you have exposed wires running along the floor and exposed equipment that can fall and/or have drinks spilled on them. Our photo booths hide all the wires inside their enclosures...making it one unit.
The old adage "you get what you pay for" is very true. If you are looking for a top of the line quality memento for guests to leave with, an engaged and entertaining professional attendant, a lot of top shelf props (over 150 at each event) and a professional looking photo booth (not a home-made rod and curtain setup), then you'll love what we have to offer.
Yes, we entertain, engage, and interact with your guests. Once you hire us for your event, we take ownership of your guests. What does this mean? Well, it means that they are now our guests and we will treat them like family. At the beginning of your event, at a time that does not interupt your program flow, our attendants will go around and introduce themselves to the guests. They will let them know where we are setup and the start and stop times of the photo booth rental. When the guests come over to the photo booth, they are greeted. We provide two photo booth attendants at every event. One will assist your guests with their props, if they choose to have them, and the other will engage your guests in the photo booth. Meaning, your guests don't have to know anything about how to operate a photo booth or what they are to do. Our attendant will stage them in the photo and push all the buttons for them.

Here is a link to some of the Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Albums we have done in the past. Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Album It takes us about 4 to 5 hours to prep one of these albums prior to your event. They are customized to your event's colors/theme. Each of our albums are unique and one of a kind - Made specifically for you.

We use archival adhesive so the photos and journal cards stay where they are placed for many years to come and will not drop or warp the photo or journal cards. We use acid free ink pens so there are no smudges or fading over time. This insures the messages left for you to cherish will remain as they were the day they were written.

Our Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Album is a one of a kind. Unlike our competitors, we accent each page with the colors/theme of your event. Each page is different. The pages are not preprint pages. We build them to suit your needs and desires. We encourage you to take a look at examples of completed Albums from us and anyone else you might be comparing us to so you can compare them. Make sure you get samples of finished albums from the competitor to compare against ours. There is a reason they don't display theirs on their website or on their Facebook Page. And, it could very well be the reason A LOT of them throw it in "FREE". I guarantee ours to be worth your time. You'll be happy you chose Dappy Hays Event Photo Booth Services, Inc. and our Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Album!

We will have two dedicated and professional employees that will be at your event. One will attend the Photo Booth operation and assist you and your guests in the taking of the photos in a session. The other photo attendant will work with the Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Album. Our photo attendant will give your guest a journal card to leave a message on. Our competitors allow the guests to write directly to the page. This limits the amount of photos on a page and can be very messy. Our attendant will place the journal card and the photo strip in the album. This keeps the overall appearance of the Album in an organized and cosmetically pleasing memory. By having a photo attendant with the Memory Keeper Scrapbook Photo Album, your guests will not be confused on what they are to do. We walk them through the entire process and get them back to your party quickly in a pleasing and effcient manner!

In our Open Booth we have had 42 people get in the photo. In our Primary configuartion, we have fit 10 people in the photo. If a group with more than that come up, we can accomodate that group by removing the "wings" for their photo session and replacing the "wings" once they are complete. In our Traditional configuration, two can fit comfortable. Up to four would need to squeeze.
Yes. Our professional and friendly attendant will stay with the photo booth to ensure it works properly and help guests with any questions.
No, if you do not wish to have us bring props to your event, we will not bring them.
Yes, we know a lot of excellent vendors. We are a leading company in Photo Booth Services in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas. Because of this, we have met and worked with a variety of vendors from Venues to Vallets. Take a look at our resources page for some ideas. If you don't see what you are looking for there, please let us know. Odds are, we know someone worthy of your expectations.
74” tall x 48” long x 29” deep.
Yes, you can provide your event specific props to us once we arrive. After the event is over, we will return them to you if you wish to have them back.
Yes, let us know in advance and we will bring themed event props with us to match your theme.
Yes, our booths will fit through any standard elevator or through any standard doorway. It was designed wiht this in mind. Therefore, we can go through single doorways and even into elevators.
Once a photo session is done, the prints are ready within 7.5 seconds, allowing your guests to return to your event quickly. We have the fastest printer in the WORLD! NO OTHER COMPANY IN INDIANA PRINTS AND CUTS AS FAST AS US! Our booths are usually a party hit so don’t be surprised when a line at the booth forms!
Yes, we can add a personalized logo to the bottom, top or both to each photo session print.
No, every package comes with unlimited prints during your event.
We use a Lab Quality Sublimation Dye Printer. This means you get exceptionally high quality photos that will lasts a lifetime. This printer is the fastest in the market, only 7.5 seconds to print and cut your photo. The prints are ready for handling as soon as they come out. No smudging or smearing. Don't be fooled by other companies that use inkjet printers, they smudge on your clothes, look grainy, and take up to a minute to print. Also, be aware that some companies hand cut their photos while your guests wait, or have to come back for them later.
With this option, you're guaranteed to have a wonderful memento from your event. Your album is made specifically for you, using your event colors and theme as accents throughout the album. Guests are provided with 2 photo strips from each session. One of the pre-cut photo strips is placed in the scrapbook where the guest can then write a message on a journal card. You receive the completed album at the end of the event.

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